Are you looking to buy, sell or start your own business? Then call CISTERNAS LAW OFFICE to discuss the various legal issues surrounding the forms of business ownership that are possible and how businesses can be bought, sold or transferred.

CISTERNAS LAW OFFICE can assist you in matters dealing with business sales and purchases, whether it be an asset sale or a share purchase transaction, we can walk you through the initial offer to the final transfer documents to complete your transaction, as well as advise you of the benefits and costs involved in each type of transaction.

CISTERNAS LAW OFFICE can also help you put a new business in place. We will take you through all the necessary steps to starting your venture from reviewing a lease with a landlord, to drafting contracts for suppliers and customers. We are happy to assist you in all aspects of your business.

We can also discuss with you the different ways in which you can carry on business in Ontario, from sole proprietorships, to partnerships to corporations and advise you as to the form of business that best suits you and your needs, as well assisting you with the different types of registrations that you will need to complete in order to start your new business venture.

Our lawyers also have experience in incorporating many types of corporations whether it be a simple incorporation involving a single Director, Officer and Shareholder, to more complex corporations involving various Directors, Officers and Shareholders, as well as Shareholder Agreements. CISTERNAS LAW OFFICE will take you through the entire process, from the initial meeting to collect the necessary information regarding the corporation's structure, to the registration of the Articles of Incorporation, to organizing the corporation's By-Laws and Minutebook, as well as registering for your Business Numbers, we will ensure that once we are done, you will have everything you need in order to carry out your business.

Call our offices today for your free initial consultation and get your business venture off to the right start.

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