CISTERNAS LAW OFFICE provides individualized service when dealing with residential properties. Whether it is buying, selling or refinancing your home, you can rest assured that our lawyers will be involved in every aspect of your file, from the initial interview, to the closing day.

We are fully equipped with the latest software and technology to ensure that every transaction is completed efficiently and on time. CISTERNAS LAW OFFICE can also handle last minute refinances and mortgage transactions because we have full access to electronic registry systems and land searches right in our offices.

Make an appointment with one of our experienced real estate lawyers who will explain to you the various costs associated with your transaction, the methods available to you to ensure that you received good title to your property or for securing a mortgage, and what you can expect throughout the entire process. Let us take the guess work out of your transaction.

At CISTERNAS LAW OFFICE we want to ensure our client's satisfaction and we guarantee that our clients will always be able to meet with the acting lawyer for a free initial consultation and for signing all necessary documents. We will take you through each document and ensure that you understand what it is that you are signing, what your obligations are and what you can expect from any other parties involved.

We are also proud to provide services in Spanish. So come and see us, we promise to make your experience a great one.

Commercial Real Estate and Subdivisions

CISTERNAS LAW OFFICE takes the same personalized approach to any commercial real estate matter, as we do with residential transactions, with the understanding that the business decisions involved and the sophistication of such deals requires a greater degree of due diligence. Please contact one of our experienced commercial lawyers if you are contemplating purchasing or leasing a commercial property and we can assist you in drafting such agreements, reviewing existing agreements and negotiating the best terms to suite your business' needs.

Our lawyers also have experience in dealing with Builders and subdivision properties. From the initial purchase of vacant lands to the final sale of new homes our specialized software and access to online databases allows us to post all of our closing documents on secured internet sites, so that your purchasers and their solicitors can always easily access all necessary closing documents.

CISTERNAS LAW OFFICE understands that time is money and we stand behind our established reputation for always closing the deal.

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