Making a Will is one of the most important ways in which to provide for your loved ones and to convey your wishes for how you would like to divide your estate after you are dead; however, many people put off making a Will because they do not want to think about their own death or its consequences.

At CISTERNAS LAW OFFICE, we understand that many clients do not realize the legal implications of not having a properly drafted and executed Will in place. These implications will differ on a case by case basis and our experienced legal counsel is happy to review your particular circumstances and to draft a Will in accordance with your needs. We will walk you through all the issues that you will need to consider, detail the information that you will need to provide and advise you regarding any legal issues that you should consider in drafting a Will for yourself.

CISTERNAS LAW OFFICE is also available to discuss putting into place a Power of Attorney regarding the management of your property or for your personal care should you become incapable of making these decisions for yourself. Often clients will choose to put in place Power of Attorneys at the same time that they are making their Wills in order to ensure that their wishes will be followed whether they have been incapacitated in an accident or have passed away.

Of course there are also many steps that clients can take besides making a Will in order to pass on property to loved ones after they die and we would be happy to discuss these options with you as well. If you have a loved one who has passed away, CISTERNAS LAW OFFICE can take you through all the necessary steps in order to probate the estate and to ensure that all those entitled to a part of the inheritance are provided for.

Thinking about your own death or that of a loved one can be overwhelming and is often a topic that we are likely to avoid; however, at CISTERNAS LAW OFFICE we can help to simplify the process by taking you through the key legal issues that should be addressed and providing you with the necessary legal documents to ensure that both you and your loved ones are provided for. Don't hesitate to call our offices for a free consultation so that you can start planning for tomorrow, today.

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